Why Do My Insurance Rates Keep Going Up?

ratesIncreasingYour car is getting older, it’s definitely worth less than last year and you haven’t had any new tickets or accidents.  Why are your insurance rates creeping up?  

The truth is that very little of your premium dollar depends on the value of your vehicle.  

Even though Bernie the Beetle is worth less than last year, fixing his fender today or his bumper tomorrow will cost more than it did yesterday.  The cost of materials and labor are going up and up.   

Liability property damage and medical pay outs are up, in both frequency and severity.  All of this contributes to the rising cost of insuring your beloved Bernie.  

While Arizona auto insurance rates are some of the highest in the nation, there are definitely companies that are doing a better job of keeping their rates stable and charging the proper rate for the household.  There are companies that provide broader discounts than others, and there may be companies that are looking for clients just like you (yes, you).
If it’s been awhile since you’ve shopped, why not have us check around?  It’s possible that the money we save on your auto insurance could afford Bernie that much needed tune up, a new brake job or that sweet new set of white walls you’ve had your eyes on.